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Blog Posts Length: Does It Matter?

On August 21st, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

One frequently asked question we get is whether the length of blog article posts truly matters for SEO (search engine optimization). If largely depends on who you ask as to what type of response you will receive. Some say you need blog posts that are several thousand words long, while other say short 250 to 300 word articles are fine.

Our response to this question is length does matter, and here’s why:

Longer Posts = More Interaction/Engagement

Readers will tend to spend more time on a page with a longer article, so long as it is engaging and of interest to them. The average time spent on longer posts is between four and seven minutes. This translates to posts between 500 and 1,500 words.

Longer Posts Provide More Information

With longer posts, you have more time to go into greater detail about the topic and provide readers with as much relevant information as possible. This can be achieved by providing examples, supporting information, statistics, and other facts.

To illustrate this point, consider you searched for household cleaning tips and found a few different posts that interested you. The first one is a short piece no more than 300 words long that merely has a list of tips without providing any further details or instructions.

The other blog post is much longer and also has a list of tips, but this writer actually included more details and instructions under each tip. The point here, is that readers will appreciate the additional content because it further enhances the post and provides them with more relevant information.

However, if you are striving to create longer the posts, the last thing you want to do is to use filler or “fluff” to stretch it out. Not only does this take away from the point you want to make, but can also cause readers to lose interest in the blog.

Longer Posts Help SEO

Longer posts means more words and more words translates to being able to use more keywords, long tail keywords, keyword variants within the content to boost SEO rankings. Not to mention, the organic use of certain words related to the topic will also benefit and increase the likelihood of the post eventually showing up in search results.

Longer Posts Lead to Higher Conversions

If you were to compare a short 250 word post to a longer 600 word post, you would discover the number of people that explored your website further and read other blog posts had a much higher conversion rate for those sites that had longer posts. In addition, conversion rates, where people inquired about a company’s products or services, was also higher on sites with longer posts.

Longer Posts Provide Readers with Options

Readers want to have more options when it comes to blog posts. They like the ability to quickly scan a piece of content to see if it is of interest to them and then go back and reread the piece in greater detail. Even in cases where the reader has a short attention span or is in a hurry, they can choose how much they want to read in one sitting and then come back later to finish reading the post.

In summary, to boost SEO rankings organically, increase the length of your posts and content, but ensure it provides value to your readers without “fluff.” To learn more about generating blog article posts and other website content for SEO and marketing purposes, contact Logik Digital at 1-866-307-0086 today!