Hash Khadim

Hash Khadim

15.09.2021 3 min read

E-commerce is a challenging game. You compete against giants like Amazon and must always be on your toes.

So, what’s the best way to win? Well, we’ve got some email marketing ideas for eCommerce to help you get started.

Why Do You Need eCommerce Email Marketing Strategies in the First Place?

When it comes to email marketing, there are two main things you need to know: your audience and what they want. The more specific these details are, the better your chance of reaching out with relevant content that will make existing and potential customers buy from you.

So, let’s dive into some of our favourite email marketing ideas for eCommerce!

4 Best Email Marketing for Ecommerce Strategies

Keep it personal

Your customers know that you’re not just selling them products—you’re selling them a lifestyle. They want to know that they’re buying from someone who cares about them as people (and not just as sources of money). Ensure your emails and subject lines are personal and conversational rather than just hard-sells to achieve higher conversion rates.

Give them what they want.

Have a survey tool? Use it! Get feedback from your customers about what they want from your store and incorporate those ideas into your email marketing plan. This will make them feel heard, building trust even more than knowing that you care about them.

Don’t be afraid of images.

Text isn’t enough to catch the eye anymore. Using images in your emails is one of the best email marketing ideas for eCommerce. They help break up blocks of text and keep people engaged with what they’re reading.

Don’t overdo it with emails, especially promotional emails

Over-emailing your customers can quickly backfire on you, leaving them feeling harassed. Keep your emailing cycle balanced to keep customers engaged but not overwhelmed, especially when sending promotional emails.

2 Effective E-commerce Email Examples

Email List Opt-ins

The first step in any successful email marketing campaign is building a list of loyal customers. You can do this by creating an opt-in form on your website. You may wonder, though, how to ensure people sign up.

Here are some tips:

· Offer something free (like a free eBook) in exchange for their email address

· Offer something exclusive (like early access) instead of giving away something

Occasional Thank You Emails

If a customer has made a purchase or interacted with your company, send them a simple email thanking them for their business.

You can also use this as an opportunity to suggest other products or services you think they might like or offer them an exclusive discount on their next order.

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