Sandeep Nandal

Sandeep Nandal

05.08.2022 3 min read

Instagram provides an easy-to-use platform that connects customers with the goods and services your business provides. Learning to market your business on Instagram sets you apart from the competition. Over 11 million people in Canada use Instagram, a stunning figure that illustrates Instagram’s growing influence in the eCommerce industry. 

But how can social media platforms help you grow your business? Engaging Instagram posts and stories will draw customers into your community to learn more about your business. Continue reading to learn how you can be effective at marketing on Instagram. 

The Best Ways to Grow Your Business Using Instagram 

Instagram connects people and organizations across the world. Over two billion users utilize Instagram to communicate with friends, share stories, and find high-quality companies. A comprehensive social media strategy enables you to take advantage of Instagram’s vast foothold in eCommerce. 

Users want to feel connected and engaged with your business. Consider updating your Instagram profile daily and confirm that all the information and prices on your Instagram account remain error-free. The best ways to market your business on Instagram include the following: 

Instagram Bio 

First impressions count a lot on Instagram. Users visiting your Instagram page benefit from clear, concise, and unique Instagram bios to learn more about the products and services your business offers. Consider the following tips for building a brand on Instagram: 

  • Remove any unnecessary words. With only 150 characters available, Instagram bios must say a lot in only a few words. 
  • Use descriptive language that engages users. Utilize active verbs and unique adjectives to compel users to explore your business. 
  • Include emojis.
  • Include searchable keywords and hashtags. 


Hashtags have changed the way users find information online. Instead of searching for products online using long phrases, users often use short, descriptive hashtags to tag their photos, search for businesses, and connect with friends. The different types of hashtags people use on Instagram include the following: 

Branding Hashtags

Branded hashtags include unique phrases directly related to your business. Branded hashtags, like the #IceBucketChallenge created by the ALS Association, encourage people to engage with your business. 

Contest Hashtags 

Contest hashtags highlight your business by compelling Instagram users to enter, share, and potentially win exciting contests. Consider utilizing contest hashtags to increase your followers, engage existing followers, and showcase the best goods and services your business offers. 

Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags refer to unique terms and phrases specific to an interest group. For example, #travelblogger or #runninglife reference groups that enjoy blogging while travelling or running. 

Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories should include demonstrations of your products, satisfied customers utilizing your products or services, and influencer marketing. Continually update your Instagram stories to provide daily content for your followers. The more photos and videos you post as Instagram stories, the better. 

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Sandeep Nandal


Sandeep Nandal
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Sandeep is the SEO Director at Logik Digital and manages all search engine optimization efforts within the company. Leveraging his extensive experience and strategic insights, Sandeep leads a talented team in crafting customized plans to enhance the online visibility of clients. This involves conducting thorough keyword research and website audits, optimizing content, and building strong backlinks to deliver tangible results.