Hash Khadim

Hash Khadim

02.09.2020 3 min read

It often seems like Google wants to keep us on our toes by changing their algorithms and how search engine result pages (SERPs) are ranked on a regular basis, which makes understanding the complexities of search engine optimization (SEO) not as easy as it might sound. Fortunately, there’s one thing you could have been doing all along that helps not having to know the hundreds of ranking criteria: posting blog articles.

Blogging, the writing and posting of relevant article-type content, provides numerous benefits including:

  1. Helps you extend you reach with customers.
  2. Helps build brand recognition.
  3. Helps build trust with customers.
  4. Helps position your company as a brand expect.
  5. Helps boost SERPs and improve rankings.

It is this last point that many people are unaware of and why their blog posts should be an essential part of their SEO strategies. Blogging helps improve SERP rankings for various reasons, as follows.

New Blogs = New Content

How often do you update the pages on your website? Probably not that often. Yet, Google’s algorithms, web crawlers, and bots constantly look for new and unique content constantly. Those sites with fresh and recently added content are often displayed first in search results. So, any new blogs are considered new content when added to your website and can boost your SERPs.

New Pages = New Indexing

We already touched on how blogs are considered new content, but those new pages are also newly indexed when they are of the right length. To be effective for SEO, blog posts should be more than 300 words of original and quality content. Anything less, then Google will not index those pages, so it will not help SERPS.

Blogs and Social Media Go Together

The blogs you post on your website should be shared to your social medial platforms, as Google also indexes social media sites. By sharing your blog posts, it helps improve rankings for social media platforms, as well as your website.

Blogs Allow You to Focus on Keywords

Your blog posts provide an opportunity to use a few keywords related to your industry. You should only use one keyword for every 250 words of content. For blog articles, both long-tail and localization keywords work well.

Videos and Images Can Help

You should have a few quality images or a video included with each blog post. Google’s algorithms index images and videos separate from the actual blog post, so it can give you a few more ways to boost your rankings and make it easier to be found in searches. Just remember to use the appropriate SEO tagging and titling methods.

Blog Sharing Increases Popularity

Ever wonder how that cat video or dancing baby video went viral? It was because it was being constantly shared by numerous people, which pushed the video to the top of search results. The same can happen with blogs when they are shared and constantly clicked on.

As you can see, when done correctly, blogging can help boost your rankings on SERPs and move you to the top. For assistance with blogging and SEO marketing, please feel free to contact Logik Digital at 1-866-307-0086 today!

Hash Khadim


Hash Khadim
Managing Partner at Logik Digital

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