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Determine PPC Performance with a Quick Audit of Your PPC Campaign

On February 11th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

You can quickly determine the performance of your PPC campaign by doing a quick audit yourself. It is important to stress for an in-depth and detailed audit is recommended to obtain help from a qualified and experienced pay per click (PPC) management service. The first thing you will want to do is wait a minimum of 30-days after launching an active PPC campaign. Prior to this time, there will be insufficient data to use for effective decision making.

1. Once your ad has been active for 30-days, do a quick scan on its history. This can be done using the appropriate tool and can be performed at the campaign level or account level. The history provides details about the performance of the ad.

2. Confirm the landing pages URLs are being used correctly and are taking people to the right pages. It is vital to maintain the same messages from the ad and on the landing pages to encourage conversions.

3. Review your Quality Scores (QS). QS are related to several key components of the ad, like click through rates (CTR), the relevancy of keywords/key phrases, and the relevancy of your landing pages. If your QS is low, it means you need to make some adjustments to your ad, depending upon what areas are underperforming.

4. Run a report that reflects your QS and keywords. This report will provide insight on which keywords are underperforming and which ones are doing well. Make sure to discard and stop using ineffective keywords right away. However, before you eliminate any keywords, make sure to verify if any of the ones you are discarding have generated any conversions.

5. Take the time to review the Impression Share results. This information tells you two vital aspects to your campaign: First, it lets you know how many times your ad has been displayed in relevant searches. Secondly, it also informs you of the number of times it could have been displayed, but was not, compared to relevant searches.

6. Compare the CTR to the number of times your ad has been displayed in search results. Ads with fewer CTRs mean the ad is irrelevant to the searches being performed, so you may need to adjust your keywords. One common cause for low CTRs related to keywords is forgetting to incorporate negative keywords in your campaign too.

7. Review Geo targeting to verify your ad is being viewed by people in specific geographic locations.Geo targeting also identifies areas you are targeting and the ad might not be displaying.

8. For PPC campaigns using Product Listing Ads (PLAs).You need to use the Google Merchant Centre along with Google AdWords to find areas that may need improving or adjusting.

9. Review your keywords and key phrases. You need to confirm they are spelled correctly and identify irrelevant ones. Remove irrelevant keywords from your campaign, especially if it is generating unqualified traffic.


Performing the above steps are not difficult if you understand the basics of PPC. Do not hesitate to contact the PPC experts at Logik Digital if you need further assistance in performing audits or need help launching a new PPC campaign by calling 1-866-307-0086 today!