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Does My Business Website Need a Redesign?

On November 7th, 2019 / By Hamzah Khadim

Most small businesses have their own website. Setting up a website has gotten easier in recent years, so now everyone has one. However, where many small business owners go wrong is in thinking they can put up a website and then forget about it. Unfortunately, this is practice that occurs far too often.

Frequently, you will discover your business needs, products, or even services have changed from when you initially launched your website. In order to continue to attract new customers, as well as repeat ones, it is important to update your site and its content on a regular basis. Initially, you may keep the same type of page design and start with just updating the content on each of the pages. You may also decide to delete certain pages that are no long relevant to your business model and add new ones.

The big question is: How do I know when it is time for a complete website redesign?

To answer that question you need to consider a wide range of factors, first, as follows:

  1. What is your current search engine ranking? If you search for your business’ products or services, does your business show up on page one or page one hundred? If you are not on page one, your site probably needs an overhaul.
  2. How much site traffic are your experiencing? If your site experienced a huge number of visitors when it first launched and that has now dropped off to much lower numbers today, a site update could be beneficial.
  3. Is your site generating new leads/conversions? If you are not converting visitors into customers or not receiving inquires for more information, there might be something wrong with the site design.
  4. Is your website mobile device friendly? This is a major consideration since it greatly impacts the number of potential visitors. Internet browsing on mobile devices surpassed computer browsing about a year or so ago. In addition, the search engines now push non-mobile friendly sites further down the list in search results below mobile friendly ones.
  5. How user friendly is your current site? The look and feel of your site and navigation play a big role in user-friendly experiences. If it is difficult to move around or find information, you are due for a site redesign.

What Will a Redesigned Site Do for My Business?

Keep in mind, if you already have poor site traffic and low-place search engine results, redesigning your website is the first of a series of search engine optimization strategies to fix these issues. On the other hand, if you already have a flashy site, but no traffic, it is because the site is not optimized correctly, so a complete redesign may not always be necessary.

As a result, considering each factor above, along with your goals will help determine exactly what type of resigned website would potentially be the best for your business. To learn more about website redesigning services, SEO optimization solutions and other branding and marketing strategies for your site, call the Toronto SEO and web marketing service experts at Logik Digital by phoning 1-866-307-0086 today!