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Does My Website Need a Local SEO Audit?

On October 26th, 2019 / By Hamzah Khadim

In order to ensure your website is being found in search engine results, it is important to conduct a local SEO audit of your site on a regular basis. There is much detail and time needed to conduct a thorough audit, so it is beneficial to enlist the assistance of a qualified and experienced search engine optimization company in Toronto, like us, here at Logik Digital.

Before you conduct your own audit, you need to understand the complexities Google and other search engines use in determining the ranking, or search engine placement (SERP), it assigns your website. There are several key things you can do on your own, if you so desire, as follows:

  1. Verify your name, address and phone (NAP) are correct and consistent across multiple platforms. You should be using the same NAP on your website, social media sites, review sites, and so on. These also need to be verified on external local site listings, like Yellowpages, Google+, City Search, and more.
  2. Verify the location where you do business is represented correctly in Google Maps. If there are inaccuracies, Google Maps may depict your business in another city or location different from where you are actually located or geographically operate.
  3. Utilize Google+ Tools to help perform an accurate audit. Google+ features a wide array of beneficial tools you can utilize to help conduct an audit. If these are beyond your scope of abilities, remember, we are here to help!
  4. Use the Google+ Tool Google My Business (GMB) to see what information others see. GMB is a wonderful tool that can help you find potential inconsistencies which could be hurting your SERP.

Aside from the above, there are several other tasks that also need to be completed for a detailed local SEO audit.

  • Website Page Load Time Audit

The speed at which your page loads can affect your SERP. Your pages should easily load quickly at should not take longer than six seconds. A good target to shoot for is three-second load times.

  • Meta Descriptions and Title Tags Audit

Each Meta description and title tag for every website page should be original and unique. There are also character restrictions you need to be aware of to ensure they are not being truncated. Google+ features a Webmaster Tool you can use to run a report to verify the originality of these.

  • Complete Website Audit

Certain content on each page should be consistent and identical, like the name, address and phone number for your business. The NAP data you use on your website pages needs to also match that used by Google+ and any other sites previously mentioned above.

  • Backlink/Linking Audit

Verify any backlinks and links used on the website or external sites point to actual pages on your website and social media sites. Furthermore, make sure websites linking to your content are relevant and related.

A detailed audit also includes reviewing social media pages, Google+ pages, and much more. To have a detailed local SEO audit performed correctly, contact Toronto web marketing and SEO services company, Logik Digital at 1-866-307-0086 now for a FREE website analysis!