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Information Consumers Use from Location-based Ad Campaigns

On March 30th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

One effective way to get high search engine result pages (SERPs) rankings is through targeted ad campaigns on Google and other major search engines. These ads appear above the actual SERPs and are given top priority. They can be beneficial for all types of businesses, especially local businesses looking to attract new customers through online searches, as well as those businesses that are not placing well in organic SERPs.

When you are developing location-based ad campaigns, there is some vital information you need to know about how consumers will use the information in your ads, as well as the user demographics. The following are some interesting statistics you can use to further refine your ads and ensure you are reaching your targeted audiences.

  • Ad Customizations

Around 70% of both mobile device users and desktop/laptop users, want ads customized to their actual city when searching for products and services in their area. Furthermore, 65% of these users want their ads to also be customized to their current location.

  • Location Data Used by Consumers in Ads

About 65% of desktop and laptop users use the phone number or address displayed within the ad to help them contact or find the business. 70% of mobile device users will use the “Get Directions” feature or the “Call Now” button contained within the ad.

  • Information Consumers Say Is Important in Ads

Almost 75% of consumers that look at ads on their mobile devices feel both the “Call Now” and “Get Directions” functions are essential components to include in the ad. For desktop and laptop users, almost 80% believe ads should contain both the address and phone number information.

  • Location-based Ad Conversions

Roughly 69% of consumers that view location-based ads will visit stores that are within a five-mile radius of their current location. Out of this group of consumers, approximately 35% of people that found a local ad for a business in their area will not only visit the store, but also make a planned purchase, whether they used their mobile device or a desktop/laptop computer to conduct their initial search. Whereas, close to 25% of mobile device users will make unplanned purchases during their visits to local businesses they found in location-based ads while on the go.

How to Make Your Location-based Ads Provide the Right Information

Since consumers want location-based ads to display specific information, there are several things you should be doing when creating and implementing ad campaigns. The first thing you need to do is enable location extensions. The next thing you need to do is to further refine your ads by using location bid-adjustments that will allow you to target specific cities and zip codes where your business is located and make it easier for consumer to find you.

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