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Mobile Apps and SEO: What to Expect in the Future

On January 24th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

The power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies has been an important aspect to web marketing solutions since the birth of the search engine. Search engines crawl, index, and perform all sorts of complex algorithms to determine which sites get top rankings and first page results.

One of the factors used when determining rankings, is the effective use of keywords within content on the website. Today, keyword usage requires not only using specific keywords, but also key phrases to further distinguish your site from your competitors and ensure your site is being found online. Search results are often different when you enter in a keyword compared to entering a key phrase and that is the power of effective SEO.

In the past year, Google rolled out updates that have given priority to mobile-friendly websites and is starting to do the same for secure websites – those that use https. The future of SEO is still going to be an important aspect to online marketing, even with the growth in mobile app usage, which we will discuss shortly. Together, both SEO and mobile apps can help strengthen brand awareness and improve search engine result placements (SERPs).

Why Develop a Mobile App?

The purpose behind building a mobile app is to provide easy access to online features and content right from the mobile device, as well as direct access to products and services. For instance, apps make it easy to book travel, purchase movie tickets, make dining reservations, or schedule car service.

For most businesses, the costs associated with developing an app is a one-time investment expense. Afterwards, there are only minor costs associated with making updates to the app as needed, so it is a great marketing tool you should use if you sell products and services.

Will Apps Eventually Replace Websites and SEO?

In the foreseeable future, apps are not going to replace websites and Mobile SEO. Here’s why – People are still going to want to research and learn more about businesses before downloading their app and the best way to do this is through their website. Instead, apps will help enhance user experiences and supplement websites and SEO.

How Should Apps Be Marketed for Optimal Results?

App marketing is an essential aspect to promoting the mobile app and enticing users to download and use it. Along with featuring information about the app on your website, SEO can be an effective tool, too, when used correctly.

For instance, you could post a press release or blog article sharing details about your new app and optimize the piece of content for search engines. Then, when someone searches specific keywords or key phrases that match those used in the content, the search results could display a link to either the piece of content or even a link to where they can download the app. (Please keep in mind, this is a generalized example and there are numerous other factors that affect SERPs.)

As you can see, the future of mobile apps and SEO are going to be vital marketing tools for businesses with an online presence. For more information about SEO, web marketing, web development, and other solutions, call the experts at Logik Digital at 1-866-307-0086 today!