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Six Costly PPC (Pay Per Click) Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

On May 17th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

If you are new to PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, then you may be making several costly mistakes that is eroding your PPC budget and using up your available resources faster than you can get a conversion. PPC is an effective marketing tool that can lead to increased website traffic, lead generations, and conversions when it is implemented correctly.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common mistakes people make. While reviewing these, if you discover you are making this mistake, use our recommendations on what to do to correct it and avoid making this mistake again, in the future.

1. Not taking the time to experiment and practice with a few simple PPC ads. Learning how to develop effective PPC ads takes time and experience. You would be surprised by how many businesses put together huge PPC campaigns and never get the results they desired, simply because they did not take time to practice and experiment first to see what will and will not work.

2. Not taking the time to test your ad. You need to test your ads once they go live to determine which keywords are providing the most click-throughs. It is perfectly acceptable to create several different versions of the same ad with variants of the keywords and split-test those, check the click-through rates, then use the ads with the highest click-throughs and conversions, while discarding the others.

3. Only using broad or generic keywords. Using generalized keywords can result in more exposure for the ad, but it can easily show up in irrelevant search results. This can lead to click-throughs without conversions, which cuts into your budget. It is better to use long tail keywords to narrow your focus so ad only display for those searches most relevant to your business.

4. Not using negative keywords in your campaign. Negative keywords are keywords you want to exclude. This will prevent your ad from displaying when certain keywords are searched for and are irrelevant to your ad.

5. The click-through link takes people to your homepage.You do not want to drop people on your homepage and leave it up to them to try to find the actual link that was relevant to the ad they just clicked on. Rather, make sure the link in the ad takes them directly to the relevant page content. Sometimes, this will require creating specific landing pages to provide the relevant information contained within the ad.

6. Using your contact page as your ad link. Forcing visitors to fill out forms, opt-in or out of newsletters, and other such practices are a big violation of the search engines’ PPC ad guidelines and can have serious consequences that can result in your ads being banned. As already mentioned above, always use links that take users to relevant landing pages.

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