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Six Secrets about SEO Services Nobody Tells You

On January 12th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

SEO (search engine optimization) service in Toronto is a great marketing strategy, which is both cost-effective and efficient, so long as it is implement correctly and you are able to overcome one of the major obstacles standing in your way – Your competitors!

For most small business owners, competing with one another when it comes to SEO, boils down to which business has taken the time to implement “White Hat” solutions and optimize their online content following the current Google guidelines. However, when it comes to a small business competing with a major company, things can become a bit more complex in order to outrank a major business on the search engines.

Fortunately, there are things you can do remain competitive, even when going up against bigger operations on a national or global scale, without breaking the bank and going over budget.

Focus on Niche SEO Keywords

Big companies tend to target generic keywords for their industry, making it possible for small businesses to focus more on niche ones, relevant to their specific target audiences, locations, and/or demographics. For instance, you might select keywords which fit with a specific target market bigger companies many tend to ignore.

Distinguish Your Brand

Small businesses often have unique features associated with their brands they can use to set themselves apart from the competition. For instance, many small businesses offer a more personalized level of customer service since they have a smaller customer base, compared to a major company. Remember to point this out by using the right keywords, key pharses, and long-tail keywords in your online content.

Incorporate Long-tail Keywords

When you think of keywords for your SEO services in Toronto, think about both generalized ones and long-tail ones. General keywords are typically short, while long-tail ones have unique phrases, which tend to get less volume, but can still help you achieve high rankings for them. For example, “Chinese Restaurant,” is a general keyword that would provide high volume but is very competitive. In addition to this keyword, choosing a long-tail one would be highly recommended, such as “the most authentic Chinese food in Toronto.”

Add Local SEO

In our long-tail keyword example above, we also included “Toronto,” which would be part of a localized SEO strategy. Depending upon the search phrase entered, Google will tend to display three local results first, followed by national results. Using localization SEO services can make a big difference at being found before bigger companies.

Expand Your Online Visibility

Do not overlook the benefits social media can bring when tied to an effective SEO marketing strategy and how these sites can extend you visibility online, while at the same time improve your rankings within search results.

Consider References from Third Parties

External references on the right external sites can increase your rankings and placement in search results. For instance, you might as a third-party if you can post a guest blog article on their site, with a referral link back to your site. There are also other third-party sites and posts you can use to generate increased inbound traffic.

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