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Social Media Optimization 101

On March 6th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

Social media plays a vital role in the daily lives of people and can be a powerful marketing tool when you implement social medial optimization (SMO) into your online marketing strategies. It is important to keep in mind SMO is not the same thing as search engine optimization (SEO). Although, SMO does correlate and tie in directly to further enhance your existing SEO marketing efforts.

What Is SMO?

The purpose of SMO is to increase awareness about your business, brand, products, and/or services, as well as provide useful and relevant information for your customers on social media platforms. It can also be used to increase awareness and drive traffic to both social media sites and your business’ website. It utilizes such methods as content sharing through social media and other techniques to optimize the content on your social media sites.

What SMO Is Not

Some people mistake SMO for simply posting content on their social media sites. While the posting of content is part of SMO, it is just one key aspect to this marketing method. In addition to posting original and relevant content, it also relies upon social sharing strategies, cross-marketing of your business’ website, as well as providing further support for increasing SEO effectiveness.

Essential SMO Elements

Just like other online marketing strategies, SMO has several vital elements that must be present in order for SMO to work effectively. The minimum elements required include:

  • One or two social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Accurate and consistent social media profiles (i.e. business name, addressing, and phone number) that are identical and match the same profile used on your business’ website.
  • Access to analytical tools to analyze data on your social media platforms and your website.
  • The ability to interact with and respond to people through social media platforms.
  • Patience to allow newly enacted SMO strategies time to take effect and deliver results.

It is worth mentioning, these are just the basic elements and depending upon your business needs, objectives, and goals there may be other required elements to satisfy specific campaign requirements.

SMO and How It Relates to Your Website

Effective SMO strategies help increase awareness about and drive traffic to your website to enhance your website and SEO marketing efforts. The relationship between your social media platforms and your website goes both ways. Through strategic use of social media and your website, you can strengthen your online presence.You can also improve your SMO efforts by featuring links to your social media platforms on your website to drive traffic and increase awareness of your social media presence.

To illustrate this concept, your social media platforms can drive new visitors to your website, while your website can attract new followers to your social media sites. However, your website and social media sites and the content contained on them should complement each other and provide additional outlets to further reinforce and strengthen your marketing efforts.

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