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Tips for Marketing Your Business on YouTube

On November 1st, 2019 / By Hamzah Khadim

When YouTube first launched, most people viewed it as a personal video site, where people could upload videos about themselves and tie it together with their social media posts on Facebook or tweets on Twitter. As the site grew in popularity, something amazing occurred: Small business owners realized this site was an ideal platform to roll out video marketing strategies.

Over the years, businesses have made a wide array of videos, from “how-to’s” and DIY to showcasing the features and options on new products. Today, there a several social media sites all jumping onto the video marketing “bandwagon.” Yet, YouTube is still one of the best to help promote your business as long as your market your videos correctly.

  1. Create original, high quality videos. The quality of the video and its originality are essential to attract viewers.
  2. Videos need to draw a person in within the first five to ten seconds. After sitting through a 30-second ad, people are more than eager to see the content. If it cannot capture their attention quickly, they will not watch it all the way through.
  3. Videos need to be optimized and linked correctly. Make sure to title videos correctly and use appropriate title tags. Adding a keyword or two, also helps. In addition, remember to put a call to action in the description that directs viewers to either call your business or visit your website.
  4. Utilize playlists to help organize videos. YouTube allows you to categorize your videos, which will help you better organize them and associate them with specific playlists. Furthermore, taking the time to do this helps YouTube to determine when to display links to your videos in search results.
  5. Share videos across other platforms. You can embed links to your videos on your website, Facebook, Google+ and other such social media sites for cross-promotion. The more the video is cross-promoted, it will help improve SEO marketing strategies relating to the major search engines.
  6. Link YouTube to your Google+ account. Google+ has this great feature called Google Analytics that can be used to find out in-depth details about the number of people viewing your videos.
  7. Verify your account with YouTube. In order to access a wide range of features and options, YouTube requires you to verify your account.
  8. Remember to use the Featured Video function. YouTube allows you to determine what videos are showed depending on whether someone is a first time visitor to your YouTube page or a returning visitor. You can also use this feature to encourage people to watch your other videos to make suggestions on what to watch next.
  9. Remember to cross-promote on YouTube. You can cross-promote your videos with other “YouTubers” by adding their pages to your “Other Channels” and them doing the same for your channel.

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