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Top 2017 SEO Trends

On February 29th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of marketing strategies and improving your Search Engine Result Placements (SERPs), also known as rankings, on the major search engines. While there is debate about which practices offer the best ways to optimize your content and improve SERPs, one thing is clear: SEO is vital for reaching your audiences.

Before we look at what areas you should focus your SEO marketing efforts on, let’s take a moment to talk about “Black Hat” SEO methods. These methods can be tempting to use and some people might even say they are effective. However, as we have seen in the past with Google updates, Google penalizes sites that use “Black Hat” SEO. If they currently do not penalize a certain practice, it is only a matter of time before they discover it and roll out a new update.

The best strategy for optimizing content is to always adhere to current “White Hat” SEO methods, which includes the following:

1. Mobile-Device Friendly Web Pages – Google rolled out an update last year to give priority in SERPs for websites that are mobile-device friendly. Mobile optimization is a relevant factor, considering people now use their mobile-devices more often to conduct online searches.

2. Relevant, Quality, and Original Content – It is better to have several pages of well-written and engaging content than numerous pages full of low quality, spammed, duplicated, or irrelevant content. In the SEO industry the catch phrase “Quality is King!” is true.

3. Social Media – Incorporating a few social media sites as part of your SEO marketing strategies adds values for site visitors and can help improve SERPs. Ideally, you should pick one or two sites that best reflect your marketing goals and target audiences.

4. Mobile Apps – Downloadable apps are growing trend that can boost SERPs, when used correctly. Content on apps can include links to your website and can increase website traffic volumes.

5. Other “Value-Added” Content – From downloadable e-books to “how-to’s”, there is a wide array of other content you can utilize to provide site visitors with more reasons to visit your website, social media pages, or use your app.

6. Relevant Video Content – Aside from occasion cat videos, adding relevant videos related to your content provides an entertaining way to engage people and keep them on your site longer. Furthermore, people would rather watch a video to learn answers to certain types of questions than read excessively long text-based pieces of content.

7. Infographics – Infographics are growing in usage as they combine both picture elements and text in an easy to read and engaging format. People like infographics because it allows them to scan through the content quickly to find the information they seek.

8. Relevant Linking – Linking to other websites with relevant content can help improve SERPs. However, it is important to choose sites that your visitors are going to find interesting and are related to your content.

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