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What Are the Top Six Pay Per Click (PPC) Platforms?

On May 11th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

There are numerous sites you can use for pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns to help drive people to you website and potentially turn into conversions. Among all of your available options there are six specific PPC platforms you will want to consider allocating resources into when developing your PPC budget.

The top PPC platform today is Google AdWords. Google holds a significant market share among the major search engines, so it should not be overlooked. Effective PPC ads on Google can result in a significant increase in website traffic and volume.

The second PPC platform you should consider is Bing. While Bing is not as popular as Google, there are many people who only use Bing to conduct searches and never use Google. Overlooking this platform means you are missing out on potential traffic and conversions.

The third platform is Yahoo. Yahoo trails slightly behind Bing in terms of users, and just like Bing, there are people who only use Yahoo. If you include both Bing and Yahoo, along with Google in your PPC campaign, you are capturing roughly 97% of search engine users.

The fourth platform is the top social media site: Facebook. There are more than a billion users of all different ages that use Facebook. Out of these, more than half visit Facebook at least once daily, providing you access to a huge number of people you can target with your PPC ads.

The fifth PPC platform you may want to include is AOL’s sponsored listings service. This service allows you to tailor ads to appear on specific websites, some of which are highly visited sites in specific industries and markets, such as the sports site ESPN, or news sites like ABC and the Huffington Post.

What about YouTube for PPC Campaigns?

YouTube can also be an effective site to target considering it is the leading video site used today. Even though Bing is considered the second most used search engine, if you were to compare the actual number of keyword searches being conducted on Bing to those on YouTube, YouTube could actually be considered the second most used search platform. YouTube does offer a variety of different ad placement options:

  • Ads on Videos
  • Videos as Ads
  • Ads for Videos
  • Ads as Ads

One thing you should know is YouTube is owned by Google and is part of Google’s Display Network and a Google Search Partner. So if you already have current PPC ads live on Google, and included sharing those ads across Google’s Display Network and Search Partners, there is a good chance your ads could already be displayed in various locations on YouTube.

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