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Why Mobile Website Development Matters the Most Today

On March 12th, 2020 / By Hamzah Khadim

A decade ago, who would have thought our mobile devices would provide all the features and functions they do today? You can get online, check email, access social media sites, download and run apps, and more. To this end, development platforms have drastically shifted and changed to meet the demands of mobile device users.

To illustrate this shift in development strategies, let’s take a look at how operating systems have also changed over the past decade. Ten years ago, Microsoft was the powerhouse when it came to operating systems and development strategies. The vast majority of people accessed content online through their desktop and laptop computers. As a result, online development focused primarily on creating apps that were compliant and supported Microsoft Windows.

Around this same time, two new operating systems entered the market: Apple’s mobile OS and Android’s mobile OS. These new operating systems were specifically designed for tablets and smartphones. When they first entered the market, they only made up a very small fraction of available operating systems. Even accessing online content from these devices posed challenges and people were left with web pages that did not load correctly or they had to scroll around their screens to get to the information they required.

Fast forward ten years and the dynamics of the OS market has drastically changed. Microsoft is no longer the big powerhouse it once was. In fact, it was late in rolling out a mobile device OS and lost a significant amount of market share to Apple and Android. Now, Android is slowly becoming the leading OS, as Microsoft and Android battle it out for the top position, and Apple is not that far behind.

If you were to combine both Android’s and Apple’s OS market shares, together they have almost two-thirds of the entire operating system markets, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Even though Microsoft does continue to dominate in the desktop and laptop markets, this market continues to shrink.

The reason for desktop and laptop OS market shrinkage is because more people today rely upon their mobile devices to perform a wide range of functions, access online content, run apps, and more. In fact, mobile device web browsing is now the preferred way for people to get online and access content. Developers have also shifted their strategies and are now focus more on creating apps and software for Android and Apple operating systems.

For businesses with an online presence, if they have not already started to implement a mobile-device-friendly solution for their websites and other online platforms, they need to do so now. It is anticipated within the next five to ten years, Android will be leaders in operating systems, followed by Apple, with Microsoft dropping to the third spot.

If you need further proof of this market shift, even Google and the other major search engines now give priority rankings to websites that are mobile-device-friendly. To learn more about mobile development solutions and website design for your business, call the website design and development professionals at Logik Digital by phoning 1-866-307-0086 today!