Hamzah Khadim

Hamzah Khadim

05.02.2021 5 min read

Many people want to sell their products on Amazon, but many are unsure where to start. Amazon is the second-largest online marketplace in the world after Alibaba, and it’s growing; Amazon captures 43% of all e-commerce sales worldwide. With so many other sellers on Amazon, you need to know how to compete with them. This beginner’s guide will teach you about Amazon Ads for marketing your product listings, as well as other tips that will help you succeed!

What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon Ads are a collection of advertising services that allow you to advertise on Amazon.com and across the network of Amazon-owned websites. They enable you to market your current items on Amazon and drive visitors to your website with video and display advertising.

Why are Amazon Ads attractive?

Affiliate programs allow you to advertise your Amazon goods using keywords, much like Google Ads allows you to rank your items at the top of Google search results. Pay-per-click search advertising targets individuals who are currently actively searching and buying on Amazon.

What Ad Product Can Help My Products Sell?

Since Amazon’s Video and Display advertisements are essentially standard display ad network purchases, we’ll pay more attention to Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads.

Here’s a quick rundown of services accessible to everyone, whether or not you sell your items on Amazon.

Do you sell your products on Amazon?

Begin by running ads that appear on Amazon exclusively. Sponsored advertisements allow you to pick which goods you want to connect with your keywords. When customers search for your keywords, ads for your product or product listings may appear.

  • Amazon-sponsored product ads use your keywords to list your products in the search results when a user enters one of those words.
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads are available only to sellers that are registered brand owners. You must be the owner or an authorized agent for the brand trademark. Display ads on Amazon will feature your logo and up to three of your products. This uses your targeted keywords. Users are taken to a dedicated page with your products.
  • Amazon Product Display Ads is a new ad product that allows you to target similar products. Instead of keywords, you select products, product groups, or interest groups that are similar. The magical part of this ad product is you may target competitors’ products. 

What if you don’t list your products for sale on Amazon?

If you don’t currently sell anything on Amazon, don’t worry. You may also display or video advertisements on a cost-per-click basis that promote your items on Amazon and other networks. You may administer these campaigns yourself using an Amazon DSP if you have a decent budget. Alternatively, if your budget allows it, Amazon’s staff will handle it.

How does Amazon advertising work?

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands are self-serve advertising campaigns on Amazon that you can pay for using Pay Per Click. You must have a seller account with Amazon. Select Campaign Manager under Seller Central to manage your sponsored product, brand, or display advertisements.

From there, you’ll follow the standard procedure for setting up a paid search advertising campaign by picking products to advertise, establishing your deadline, and so on.

Automatic versus manual targeting

With both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, you create lists of terms that will activate your ad in both situations; this is the manual targeting choice.

Additionally, Sponsored Products has an auto-targeting option. Instead of supplying Amazon with keywords, automatic targeting allows Amazon to choose applicable keywords.

We recommend using both targeting alternatives to determine which delivers the most effective outcomes.

What do Amazon Pay Per Click ads cost?

Amazon Ads are an auction, just like Google AdWords and other pay-per-click campaigns. The higher your bid per click is, the higher your ad will appear in the results. If you don’t get enough clicks or your placement isn’t high enough in the results, raise your offer.

The cost per click of your Amazon Ads campaign is determined by many variables, including the type of product you’re promoting, your market, and geography.

You may set a daily spend, then check your metrics throughout the first week of your campaign to adjust your CPC or Cost Per Click.

Is it worth it to advertise this way on Amazon?

I can’t tell you whether or not it’s worthwhile for you to advertise your product on Amazon. But I can advise based on our work with Amazon Ad campaigns for our customers. Just remember that if you are advertising on Amazon and it leads to a sale, that’s what it is: a sale. So you really are tapping into a massive marketplace that is filled with many purchasers who will only buy from Amazon for reasons of trust, legitimacy and variety. Also, anyone shopping on Amazon is usually much closer to buying something than someone browsing your website. Give your products an advantage when people are close to buying them.

To get started with Amazon Ads and take your business to the next level on this e-commerce giant, don’t hesitate to contact Logik Digital – a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process and help you achieve your advertising goals.

Hamzah Khadim


Hamzah Khadim
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