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Hamzah Khadim

14.05.2024 8 min read

As a chiropractor, delivering exceptional patient care is your priority. But how do you attract new patients to your practice? Doctors have a variety of marketing strategies at their disposal, including display advertising and referrals, but a robust online presence is arguably the best way to reach potential patients and drive new business.

Whether you’re just starting and launching a brand-new website or have an existing site that isn’t producing the results you expect, search engine optimization or SEO is critical to driving traffic and getting people to make an appointment. This SEO for chiropractors guide explains how to rank higher in search results so people will schedule appointments. Our goal aims to demystify SEO so you can make effective choices that help your business grow and thrive.

What is SEO?

At its heart, SEO is everything you do to get your website to rank at the top of search engine results pages. When your pages appear within the first few results, users are likelier to click on them. Considering that most people search for a chiropractor when ready to make an appointment, your job is to get your business in front of them, so they call you first.

Search engines like Google use certain signals to determine the sites that appear at the top of the results page. Essentially, the better you give Google what it’s looking for—high quality, authoritative content, quality backlinks from other sites, and a well-rounded website that matches what users are looking for—the higher you’ll rank.

From a practical standpoint, SEO for chiropractors means maximizing a variety of elements to meet these requirements, including:

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Metadata
  • Meta descriptions
  • Online directories
  • Backlinks
  • Site design

In short, promoting your practice online with an eye toward SEO can help drive up your ranking.

How SEO Benefits Your Chiropractic Practice

Effective SEO takes time and a fair amount of trial and error to determine what works best. Ongoing monitoring and analysis are critical to making strategic decisions and maximizing your investment.

Putting the time and effort into SEO will benefit your practice, though. Effective SEO can:

  • Increase traffic to your chiropractic practice website by more than 50%
  • Position your business on the first page of search results, increasing clicks by as much as 35%
  • Establish your practice as the local authority and best source for chiropractic care

Considering that more than 90% of consumers start their search for any product or service online and the majority never click past the first page of search results, you simply cannot afford to overlook SEO for chiropractors.

Make Local SEO the Foundation of Your Online Strategy

The best place for chiropractic practices to start their SEO efforts is with local SEO. Almost half of all Google searches stem from users looking for local businesses, and chances are, anyone looking for a chiropractor will search locally.

Therefore, you must optimize your online presence for local SEO. This includes:

  • Adding specific location pages for your practice targeted to cities within your service area
  • Using locally focused keywords like “chiropractor near me,” chiropractor in city,” and “(city) chiropractor
  • Generating online reviews
  • Embedding a Google Map with your location on your site

Why Google My Business Is a Powerful SEO Tool

Perhaps the most critical element of a strategy focused on local SEO for chiropractors is optimizing the Google My Business listing.

When users click on the results for your business, Google My Business provides details like your address and contact information, business hours, reviews, an image of your business, a description of your company and services, and more. Not only must you completely fill out the profile, but it’s even more important to ensure you provide accurate and up-to-date information.

This means carefully matching the information on your web page (practice name, address, and phone number) to the information on the GMB listing. Any discrepancies can cause confusion and raise red flags that affect SEO.

Updating the information also provides SEO value and entices potential patients to schedule an appointment. Photos give patients an idea of what to expect when they visit your office. Adding information about promotions, specials, practice news, and events helps you stand out from the competition and, with the strategic use of keywords, enables your company to rank higher in search results.

Know What Potential Patients Are Looking For

It’s not enough to simply make your chiropractic practice visible on a local level. User intent matters to the search engines, meaning that you need to match the information on your site to what people search for when looking for your services.

So, how do you know what users are looking for? How can you get your site at the top of search results even when they don’t search your exact business name or location?

This is where keyword research comes in. Keywords are the terms that users search to find a chiropractor in their area to take care of their issues. Effectively incorporating these words into your content signals to search engines that users will find what they need on your site.

Determining the best keywords to use requires doing some research. You can find ideas using:

  • Google’s keyword planner, which shows you how many searches a particular keyword gets each month
  • Google’s suggest feature; simply enter a relevant keyword (like lower back pain) and review the suggestions from Google
  • Google trends, which reveal the keywords getting the most traffic

You can also use your existing patients to source ideas for content. What questions do they ask during their visits? What are some of the most common concerns they express? You can use your content to answer these queries and give prospective patients more confidence in your practice.

The Best Keywords for Effective SEO for Chiropractors

Are you stumped for ideas for keywords? Consider the following categories:

  • Condition-specific keywords (back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, etc.)
  • Treatment-specific keywords (spinal adjustments, chiropractic adjustments, etc.)
  • Benefit-specific keywords (pain relief, better sleep, etc.)
  • Practice name
  • Location-specific keywords

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and think about what they might want when they need a chiropractor. Then, incorporate these keywords into the website content, social media posts, metadata, meta description, and Google My Business.

Demonstrate Your Expertise and Authority With Compelling Content

Effective SEO for chiropractors requires more than filling your site with keywords. Google also ranks content on its quality and authority. The search engine uses multiple criteria to determine the authority of a page, including the trustworthiness of the content, the quality of links to the site from other sources, and the ability of the site to rank high in organic searches.

In practical terms, your site needs compelling content that uses keywords, shows your expertise in the subject matter, and answers users’ queries. In addition to service- and condition-specific pages, chiropractors can get SEO value from content like:

  • A regularly updated blog with actionable insights and advice
  • Video content; consider turning blog posts into videos or using videos to demonstrate treatments
  • Frequently asked questions with concise answers
  • Customer reviews
  • Linking to authoritative sites in the field

Keeping user intent at the core of all your content creation can make a significant difference to SEO performance. Always keeping the search query at the forefront allows you to write concise answers, which are more likely to appear as featured snippets on the results pages. They may also appear in the “People Also Ask” section of search results, encouraging users to click through to your site.

SEO Pitfalls To Avoid When Marketing Your Practice

When developing the SEO strategy to market your chiropractic practice, be sure to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that can limit the effectiveness of your efforts or even have a negative effect on your search rankings.

Overlooking User Experience

Your site should load quickly and be easy to navigate. Keep in mind that most users will click away from a page if it takes longer than two minutes to load, so don’t add anything that slows down the loading, like unoptimized images.

Not Optimizing for Mobile

A website must look great and function perfectly on mobile devices as well as on a desktop. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it won’t rank in search results for users on phones or tablets.

Avoiding Paid Ads

Investing in paid search result campaigns can help you launch your SEO efforts and push your content to the top of the results pages. Don’t forget to include paid search in your marketing plans to get the most from SEO.

Get Help With SEO From Dedicated Specialists

If the idea of developing an SEO marketing strategy and staying on top of the constant changes feels overwhelming, you aren’t alone. Instead of chasing your tail with SEO for chiropractors, turn to the experts of Logik Digital, Toronto’s leading digital marketing agency for SEO services. Our industry knowledge and proven expertise will help you make your practice more visible and attract new patients so you can focus on what you do best.

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