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What Is Content Marketing?

At its core, creative content marketing is fashioning useful and informative resources that promote your company’s brand and position you as an industry thought leader.

Content doesn’t just refer to blogs or social media posts; it also encompasses videos, podcasts, articles and white papers, and even infographics.

Some common content types that we create at Logik Digital marketing agency include:


The most common form of content, text content includes anything from blog posts and articles to the copy on your website.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts need to provide information while remaining engaging and brand-relevant.


Video is a versatile content form that enables businesses to provide educational, entertaining content for a wide range of audiences.


Infographics communicate complex information in a digestible, visual, and brand-friendly format.

Why You Need Content Marketing Services In Toronto

Creating high-quality content offers brands several benefits that make content strategy an ideal starting point for any advertising you want to do.

To Boost SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of practices to earn your website a place at the top of results from Google search engines. An SEO strategy aims to optimize technical aspects of web design, content, and trust.

To Generate Organic Traffic

After creating engaging infographics, blogs, and videos, your search ranking will start improving and bring more high-quality leads.

To Increase Brand Awareness

Increased content creation puts your message online, more accessible for your target audience to find your content during a search. Increased visibility leads them to invoke your brand while thinking of a product or service.

To Build Credibility

The more content you produce, the higher your business will rise as an industry thought leader. This audience credibility is essential for your branding but also improves your SEO — other businesses will link to your content, creating organic backlinks.

To Produce Sustainable Marketing

Quality content creation is central to SEO campaigns for brands and businesses, so this focus will lead to more sustainable, cost-effective future marketing strategies. Once you’ve started climbing the rankings, SEO upkeep becomes less time- and cost-intensive, bringing you consistent results with minimal effort.

To Drive Conversions

The best thing about SEO is that it filters out people uninterested in your services or products and funnels prospects to your site. Since searchers are already looking for a service or product you offer, organic site traffic is easier to convert to sales, especially using persuasive and engaging writing to close the deal.

To Create Long-Term Loyalty

Most potential customers love seeing new videos or articles, especially if they're engaging and relevant to their needs. Content creation works at every part of the marketing funnel, allowing you to foster a sense of trust throughout each stage of the buyer's journey, gaining repeat sales from your loyal audience.

To Passively Improve Your Marketing Quality

Many of the factors that improve SEO also improve the customer experience. If you adhere to good content marketing practices, all aspects of your marketing and advertising strategy will improve as well.

To Achieve Long Tail Marketing

While most SEO strategies take a while to implement, they do have the benefit of a much longer tail. This long tail means that even if you stop funding your SEO marketing campaigns, you will still continue to bring in traffic for several months.

The Content Marketing Process

Partnering with a top Toronto content marketing agency will give you the benefit of experience and the peace of mind that you're working with someone that understands content creation best practices.

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Initial Discussion

The initial discussion is where we get to know your company, brand message, and target audience. We also identify what marketing strategies you currently have in place and how effective these are in attracting new clients to your brand.


Research & Analysis

As a top Toronto content marketing company, we have teams of experienced researchers and analysts who will conduct a thorough audit of your current website, products, social media, and digital marketing strategy as well as your business and branding strengths and weaknesses.


Strategy Discussion

The strategy discussion is where our Toronto content marketing experts provide your business with a comprehensive digital marketing plan. This discussion allows us to identify potential pitfalls while also obtaining buy-in from your major business stakeholders. You'll have a clear outline of our content strategy and measurable goals and outcomes.


Plan Implementation

Each project has a dedicated project manager who ensures that all our content creation strategy fits within your existing website framework and branding. We can deliver a tactical implementation of the content marketing plan within deadlines using advanced project management software.



A major part of any content marketing strategy is evaluating its success. We use metrics, including website click-thru rates, bounce rates, search engine rankings, and organic traffic to landing pages to streamline and refine our strategy.

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Contact us today to learn more about our SEO work process and how it can help your business grow.

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Components of Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

A great content strategy isn’t about simply creating high-end text and video content and hoping for the best. At Logik Digital, we understand that everything we do is part of a larger goal that ensures success for your business and branding.

Well-Defined Target Audience

Content needs to be creative and informative, which means understanding the type of message your target audience wants. Knowing how to deliver relevant information at each step of the buyer journey is vital to any robust content creation strategy for your business.


Customers have preferences regarding how they consume content on the web and social media. Some like blog posts, while others prefer visual media. By having a diverse range of content, you’ll attract various buyer personas and get higher-quality leads.

Clear Goals

Success can be tricky to define, and it’s vital to have the right goals. As part of our content marketing strategy, we’ll identify what matters to you and develop a plan to meet those goals while creating creative and on-brand landing pages and content.

Robust Research

Our research strategy targets every stage of the content creation process, from choosing keywords to identifying the target audience and honing in on the right content types and frequency.

SEO Content That Drives Traffic


Creative thinking is an essential component of a successful content strategy. It's relatively easy to produce low-quality, boring content — but doing so will often harm your search engine rankings and company brand reputation. We pride ourselves on producing informative and creative content for varied industries. By taking ... Read more


While digital marketing is a rapidly evolving landscape, having extensive content marketing strategy experience means we understand potential pitfalls that other content marketing agencies won't notice. This expertise also translates to rapid and effective implementation of your content strategy — we know what works and what doesn't so won't spend months reinventing the wheel.


At Logik Digital, we firmly believe that clients want to work with content marketing agencies that value integrity. If your business takes advantage of content strategy services, you can rest assured that we'll deliver on our promises to provide engaging content solutions that align with your brand and target audience. It's often tempting to cut corners on social media and content marketing, but these short-term Read more


Content marketing is a rapidly evolving field, and it's vital that your marketing team keeps up with the latest developments in the marketing process. We believe in constant growth through training and development, which gives us the expertise necessary to adjust rapidly and take advantage of marketing trends.

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Looking for an exciting and innovative work environment? Join our team of digital marketing experts! We value creativity, collaboration, and innovation. We offer opportunities for personal and professional growth, flexible hours, remote work options, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Apply today if you desire to work on challenging projects at an established, industry-leading agency.

What Our Clients Say

Hamzah really cares about his clients

Hamzah really cares about his clients, takes the time to understand their specific business needs and is very easy to reach. He provides us much more than SEO and online marketing. He plays an integral role in all of our business development activities.

Robert H.

Wonderful Experience

Working with logikdigital has been a wonderful experience. Dipen Mistry, Matt and the rest of the team understand my business very well and know just the right thing to do to generate more leads, improve my conversion rate, and organic ranking. They also address my questions in a timely manner and follow through on their promises. Thanks guys!!!

Angela P.

Best SEO Services

I am giving Hamzah five star because he deserves this and more for the SEO services he offered for our company. My site gained ranking slowly in the first three months, but has maintained its position. He is very polite with great communication skill and used to send me monthly reports. Always kept me updated and did exceptional work

Theodore D.

Best digital marketing solution

Hamza and his team helped us get the best digital marketing solution for our business. We have been using their services for 3 months and we see a definite spike in the users to our website. Thank you and look forward to your continued assistance.

Courtney S.

Best SEO Company in Toronto

Hamzah helped me have my website look more modern and professional. This is the best SEO Company in Toronto because their work as SEO experts is certainly admirable. I can see increased ranking of my website in some search engines and I am excited about what the future is going to bring. Thank you, Hamzah!

Seth H.

Great support team

Really great support team and timely responses on all my inquiries. Matt was really helpful in identifying what was needed and working within my budget to set realistic goals and targets. We use their services for SEO and Adwords support. Very happy with the service, great job team!

Hash K.

Our Comprehensive Content Audit

You may already have a content strategy in place, but is it really delivering what you need in terms of new customers?

Our digital marketing audit helps identify weak points that may be holding your content strategy back.

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Diversity of content

Content quality

Customer engagement

Content visibility

Brand and content alignment

Competitor analysis

Content gaps

Work with Logik Digital, Toronto’s Best Content Marketing Agency

A poorly thought-out and implemented digital marketing strategy can do more harm than good, reducing trust in your brand and services. That’s why it’s essential to work with a digital marketing agency like ours at Logik Digital that will take the time to understand your business and develop the ideal content marketing and social media strategy for your needs.

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Toronto Content Marketing FAQ

As the top Toronto content marketing specialist, we love helping clients on their content marketing journey and answering important questions about the value of SEO and content marketing.

What is SEO?

Boost your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines with SEO. Tactics include keyword research, website optimization, content creation, and link building to drive organic traffic, increase authority, and attract potential customers. Keep up with the latest trends as search engine algorithms are always changing to stay ahead in the digital world.

How does content marketing fit into my SEO strategy?

Effective content marketing is an indispensable aspect of digital marketing that involves crafting top-notch content to captivate and retain an engaged audience. While it’s not entirely reliant on SEO, a well-designed strategy can significantly enhance traffic and amplify your content’s visibility in search engine results. By delivering valuable content that caters to your target audience, you can effortlessly drive organic traffic and escalate revenue growth.

How quickly will I see results?

Wondering how long it takes to see SEO and content marketing results? It depends on your industry, content, and web presence. But with a well-planned strategy and patience, you’ll start seeing improvements in rankings and traffic. Keep pushing forward and stay committed to your strategy for significant rewards.

What content should I focus on?

To succeed in content marketing, prioritize high-quality, SEO-optimized content. We can help you create a strategy that addresses your main pain points and aligns with business objectives. Done right, content marketing can boost website traffic and conversions and establish your brand as an industry authority.

Is content marketing expensive?

As an online business, it’s essential to invest in content marketing. It’s a cost-effective approach that offers great returns. Consider collaborating with a marketing team like ours to develop a customized strategy that can boost your SEO and drive sales.

How much content do I need?

Consistently creating and sharing fresh content is an essential aspect of enhancing your website’s search engine visibility and connecting with your intended audience. Establishing a content production and publication protocol will help you maintain a steady pace and keep your eyes on the prize of achieving your SEO objectives and overall content plan.

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